List of Courses
S. No. Title of the course Syllabus Ready Responsible Partner to make reading material  
1 Security and Survivability of Networks Yes CPDP, Bulgaria  download
2 Network Monitoring Yes UIST, Macedonia  download
3 Big Data Analytics Yes UIST, Macedonia  download
4 Threats to Information Systems Yes UIST, Macedonia  download
5 Data integrity Yes UIST, Macedonia  download
6 Disaster Recovery in Data Processing Yes Macedonian DPA  download
7 Security of data processing Yes Macedonian DPA  download
8 Business and Technology Trends of Cloud Computing Yes Macedonian DPA  download
9 Data Modelling Yes UIST, Macedonia  download
10 Software Systems Security Yes Macedonian DPA  download
11 Architecture of Cloud applications and services Yes Macedonian DPA  download
12 Network Auditing Yes UIST, Macedonia  download
13 Network Security Risk management Yes UIST, Macedonia  download
14 Business intelligence Yes UIST, Macedonia  download
15 Business Continuity & IT disaster recovery Yes Macedonian DPA  download
16 Software configuration management Yes CPDP, Bulgaria  download
17 Security of Cloud Protocols Yes CPDP, Bulgaria  download
18 Agile Software development Yes CPDP, Bulgaria  download
19 Secure Software Coding Standards Yes CPDP, Bulgaria  download
20 Open Data Yes UIST, Macedonia  download
21 Privacy and Data Protection Yes Macedonian DPA; University of Lodz  download
22 Privacy of Electronic and Internet Communications Yes Macedonian DPA; University of Lodz  download
23 Law on e-commerce Yes University of Lodz  download
24 Law of e-contracts Yes University of Lodz  download
25 Cybercrime Yes Macedonian DPA; University of Lodz  download